Femboy Bell is at the top of the list when it comes to perfect Asian shemales. With her silky smooth skin, perfect body and supermodel face Femboy Bell is a true specimen of what the perfect feminine femboy should be.

Visual appearance aside Bell is as sweet as they come. Always upbeat, very soft spoken and extremely kind. All she wants is to have someone to take care of like a good woman should. You can see the kindness in her eyes and see how gentle this ladyboy angel is.

In addition to being one of the Femboys most suited to be the perfect ladyboy wife or girlfriend, Bell is also very horny which emphasis that fact. She takes the saying, “lady in the streets but a freak under the sheets” to a whole new level because she said she is always horny, so she is ready and willing to do anything to bring pleasure to her lover, even if it means laying back and letting him service her cock.

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